We are currently working with 42 refugees, this includes the Deaf refugees and their associated family members. The Deaf members arrive in this country with no education and no language. We teach them American Sign Language, English, basic life skills, etc. We also teach social skills and Deaf culture. On top of teaching them, we supply them with daily toiletries, furnitures, clothes, and many more. We also take them to doctor and dentist appointments. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to keep updated about this project. Also, please contact us if you know Deaf refugees who are in need of support.

The Center for Deaf Refugees

Two volunteers tutoring Nepali Deaf refugees

We provide pastoral counseling and rehabiliation services to Deaf people and their families in the Kansas City area. We also partner with churches and organizations in providing services to Deaf people worldwide. Contact us if you want to partner with us.

Counseling and Rehabiliation Services

We seek to empower individuals and organizations to advocate for Deaf people in their communities. We provide workshops and presentations on a variety of topics in relation to advocacy and social justice. Contact us if you want to partner with us.

Training in Advocacy

Debbie Buchholz, the director of our refugee center, with 3 Nepali Deaf refugees.

We supply Deaf refugees with daily toiletries, clothes, etc. with the help of volunteers and donations.