About Us

Deaf International is a community of Christians who desire to follow our Lord Jesus Christ in standing with the poor and oppressed by promoting human rights for Deaf people around the world and proclaiming the Good News of God's Kingdom in Deaf people's heart languages.

While Deaf International is a Christian organization, it serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Mission Statement

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Statement of Faith

Rev. Debbie Buchholz (Deaf International Community Church): Co-Founder and Chairperson

Bill Ainsley (Pre-Paid Legal Services): Vice-Chairperson

Ward Stauffer (American Century Investments): Secretary

Allen Buchholz (Buchholz Insurance): Treasurer

Rev. Noah Buchholz (Bethel College): Co-Founder and Ex-Officio Member

Rev. Chris Hughes (Deaf Calvary Church of MD): Board Member

Board of Directors

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